Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday American Thinker!

My, my, how time flies. It seems but yesterday .... well I am not sure what seems but yesterday since American Thinker was going strong by the time I started reading it and wondering why we cannot have something like that on this side of the Pond. I am still wondering as American Thinker, one of the best conservative (small c, non-party, unashamedly patriotic) websites in the United States.

Thomas Lifson, Editor and Publisher of the American Thinker, writes about its sixth birthday.
Still the same, however, is our commitment to presenting thoughtful commentary on the events of public significance, from a wide range of people, going well beyond the usual suspects found in more venerable outlets. We remain grounded in an understanding of fallible human nature, the wisdom of the American Founding Documents, and the value of tradition as guide to the future.
Professor Lifson, "a recovering academic", realized immediately after 9/11 that he had a role to fill in the new war: he would take part in the intellectual battle.

This is something I support. On the fifth anniversary of that terrible day I wrote on EUReferendum:
As for me, that entire day will stay in my memory almost minute by minute. And one of the things I recall very clearly was my immediate conviction that we were at war. My second thought was to wonder where I can sign up. This was going to be a war of ideas, of propaganda as much as of bombs and bullets. I could do that, I thought. Well, it took a little while but I think I managed to sign up for the duration.

One of the most difficult things to define, particularly for a liberal democracy, which we sort of are, is what it is we are fighting for. We know what we are fighting against or, at least, some of us do. Far too many do not, as we have pointed out on numerous occasions on this blog. But what is it we are fighting for?
The American Thinker is one of those sites that helps us to define those issues. Happy Sixth Birthday and many happy returns.


  1. Dear Helen,

    Hope you are faring well with the snow! We are having quite a cold and snowy winter here in the States. Just wanted to say American Thinker is a great site but this past Monday there is a new site called Big Journalism it is a Breitbart incarnation. Big Hollywood is just one year old and I love it. Please check both of these out. As I can see you love movies you will really appreciate Big Hollywood. Big Journalism is a site that will bring the whole truth to stories that the MSM will not report. Enjoy the surfing of these two sites and keep up your great work. Thank you and Happy and Health New Year to you and yours.

  2. Hi Natalie,

    Yes, it's cold and snowy and, what is worse, icy here. On the whole, survivable even if our transport bods think that it is the end of the world. Grrrr.

    I have heard about Big Journalism but have not checked it out yet. I am a big Breitbart fan, as you can imagine, and have been reading Big Hollywood from day 1. I do miss John Nolte's old blog, Dirty Harry. Really loved that and the discussions on it.

    I am not doing very well with the resolution to do more work on this blog but am determined to get into it properly. Happy New Year to you and yours, as well. Please keep reading this. :)