Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HMG has become lazier and more nauseating

This is not an attack on this particular government - I suspect the next one, if it is led by the Boy-King of the Conservative Party will be the same. Yesterday in the House of Lords, the all-purpose fawning europhiliac Lord Dykes asked a fawning europhiliac Starred Question.
To ask Her Majesty's Government what proposals they will make to the European Council to ensure the efficient functioning of the relationship between the President of the European Council and the existing rotating
What followed was nauseating even to seasoned watchers of political shenanigans. We had a great deal of self-satisfied self-congratulatory meandering about how wonderfully well all the EU institutions were working with each other, how much they agreed with each other and how intent they were on putting the Constitutional Lisbon Treaty into place and ensuring that lots more of our money was spent and lots more control was exerted by those completely unaccountable institutions.

Any question that stepped outside this this aura of self-congratulation, be it from Lord Pearson of Rannoch or Lord Howell of Guildford was simply swatted aside as being of no importance.

All this gloating reminds me of the word hubris and we all know what follows that. This is not just wishful thinking - I am not sure I can be accused of that. But there is something febrile in this dancing around and shouting we won, we won, we won, all pretence at democracy has been destroyed. The people have a way of putting such hysterical self-satisfaction down. Or so history tells us.

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  1. The Lords are no more accountable to the electorate than that bunch in Brussels. No wonder they are hooting.