Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Errm, no, we are not telling you

A Written Question from Lord Willoughby de Broke on minimum pricing of alcohol elicited an unhelpful answer. The Question was:
what assessment they have made of whether their proposal for minimum pricing on alcohol is compliant with European Union law.
The answer was:
The legal advice which the Government have received on this issue is subject to legal privilege. We do not, therefore, believe it appropriate to disclose this advice (or any summary of it).
The Government are currently in discussion with the EU Commission on this issue.
Or, in other words, it will be the Commission that will make the decision but we are going to say as little as possible about that. People might find out that we do not legislate in this country.


  1. Our government has to ask Brussels if we can change the price of alcohol. Why will no one in our country read and understand this? We are ruled completly from Brussels. Full stop.

    If that is so, why are we paying 650 MPs, 1000 Lords, and armies of political class hangers on? Why are we subsidising Westminster to the tune of £Billions, Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament and quangos too numerous to even count? Why? Why? Why? What use are they?

  2. I presume those questions are rhetorical.