Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meanwhile in the Netherlands ...

... the government is in trouble.
The liberal and conservative Dutch government cabinet holds an emergency meeting on Monday after talks on a £7 billion cuts package, demanded by the EU under eurozone budget deficit rules, broke down at the weekend. Mark Rutte, the Dutch Prime Minister, a Liberal, will try to find support for austerity measures with the opposition Labour Party this week but will have to offer early elections in September in return.
Apparently, the crisis was caused by Geert Wilders withdrawing his support from the government, arguing "against Europe, against the euro". If he has seen the light, I am going to take some credit for that, as I was instructed by Lord Pearson during Mr Wilders's visit to enlighten the man about the EU. I did my best but did not think I had succeeded. Who knows? I may have been more successful than I had realized.

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  1. If so well done that girl, I no longer have any disagreements with Mr Wilders politics.
    So all we need to do now is find a similar hero in the UK if we have not managed to drive them all out.
    And today to more hopeful news, that the last bastion of true conservatism thats found a home in Canada, and hope that Danielle Smith and the Wild Rose rout the CINO's in Alberta, and the flickering flame on the candle of hope is still kept burning somewhere in the world.