Friday, April 6, 2012

Just a couple of links

It is some time since I have written about American politics, which is a great mistake as things are so much more interesting there. For the time being, here are a couple of links people might like to read.

Reuters summarizes the White House damage limitation after a week of self-created pitfalls by President Obama, particularly his extraordinary challenge to the Supreme Court, which in itself demonstrates that he could not have taught constitutional law. An American constitutional lawyer, first and foremost, knows the Constitution and the various components of it. He does not make crass comments about the Supreme Court never challenging a law passed by Congress (though, only barely, and without any Republican support). He does not drivel about people who are elected being more important than those who are not. The Legislative, Executive and Judiciary have their roles and positions and these must be fulfilled. President Obama is already regretting his outburst.

His other outburst was against the GOP budget, which, as is the case with most of these budgets, is not really all that tough but is not to President Obama's taste. So, he accused the authors of it of being "social darwinists", as nasty a slur as ever there was one. Did the media faint with horror? Did it heck. Never mind. Here is a nice piece on Cato blog by David Boaz.

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