Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Banning political parties is a very stupid idea

Somebody should tell the German authorities that. They are preparing, once again, to ban the NPD, a seriously nasty neo-Nazi organization that seems to have been behind a series of murders of mainly Turkish immigrants. It is unlikely to get past the German Constitutional Court and, in any case, the NPD is already preparing to go to the European Court of Human Rights. Above all, it is a very stupid idea.


  1. A very very sound review of the situation and what a shame there appears to nowhere in the British MSM where one can read such stuff.

    And doesn't the reference in Part 2 to the smoke and mirrors of Greek "financial reforms" remind you of the UK government and its "spending cuts". Most media and commentators in the UK run around talking about cuts when of course the country is spending ever more. No wonder circulations are collapsing (as usefully outlined today in eureferendum)

  2. It would be awfully useful if your erstwhile party, UKIP (and my erstwhile party, I suppose) used some of those arguments about smoke and mirrors. And pigs will take to the air in large numbers.