Friday, May 4, 2012

Those elections

For readers who wish to keep up with the news as they come in I recommend PoliticsHome News Liveblog. It seems to be keeping on top of the results as they come in or even as they are rumoured. I might have a look at it from time to time.

It would appear that the predictions about the Lib-Dim vote disappearing were accurate across the country. Conservatives will not do well though it is not clear just how badly. In fact, this live blog on Sky shows that Conservatives are holding on to seats. These are, of course, early results. The idea that you can extrapolate from local elections in 2012 about possible general election results in 2015 can exist only in the overheated imagination of the average hack.

Pretty pictures in the Daily Mail of leaders and spouses.

Some unpleasantness in Bradford towards the end of campaigning. I am sure the Boss will write more about it. The trouble seems to have stemmed from Galloway's thugs. No surprises there. They say they are the victims. No surprises there, either.

There are rumours that Birmingham has voted against a directly elected mayor. Liverpool and Salford are voting for the first time for a Mayor but, according to the Guardian, the voters do not seem to be terribly excited by it all. Can't imagine why not.

And that's enough elections. Ed.

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