Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Tax Freedom Day

Two days later than last year, as the Adam Smith Institute points out, but we have reached it: Happy Tax Freedom Day in the UK (it came around on the other side of the Pond a little while ago).
Tax Freedom Day falls later this year down to a number of factors. The double-dip recession, the VAT increase from last year, our high personal taxes, as well as fuel duty and stealth taxes, all mean that the government is taking a larger share of our hard-earned income. Britain’s tax burden is still too high and tax cuts are desperately needed to boost economic growth.
This year’s corporation tax receipts are a good example of how tax cuts can pay for themselves. There were large increases in tax revenue from onshore corporation tax, coinciding with the government’s cuts to the headline rate of corporation tax. Reductions in the corporation tax rate have brought the government higher revenues as more companies choose to invest in the UK. By stimulating growth and investment, tax cuts really can pay for themselves.
However, our Tax Freedom Day still falls long after the USA’s, on April 17th and Australia’s, on April 4th. Our only comfort is that our tax burden isn’t quite as high as France’s, which will have to wait until July to celebrate its own Tax Freedom Day. With Hollande now in power, that day could get even later in years to come.
There is always someone worse off than you are, as the old saying goes.


  1. It was much later in the 80s: this site is poorly formatted but seems to use Adam Smith Inst figures: http://christianquoter.blogspot.co.uk/2008/07/tax-freedom-day.html

  2. Some and some by the looks of it.