Saturday, September 19, 2009

You don't have to agree with everything he says ...

.... and I don't but there is a good deal of sense in this old article of Christopher Hitchens's on Jimmah Carter. The man is such an embarrassment that even President Obama and his normally tone-deaf advisers are distancing themselves from him.

Of course, there is now another contender for the title of being at the head of the worst Administration in history.

ADDENDUM: There was a comment that said P. J. O'Rourke had written a piece about Jimmah that was funnier than Hitchens's. I could well believe that. O'Rourke is funnier than almost anybody among those who are that intentionally. Unintentionally, I suspect, Harriet Harperson might be more entertaining. However, here are a couple of links: an article that appeared originally in The American Spectator and was copied "without permission" by Douglas Adams, which gives 50 reasons why Carter was a better President than Clinton; and a review of Everything to Gain, by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. They are both laugh-aloud funny.


  1. My favorite story was he invited some members of Congress for breakfast in the WH to discuss matters. After they had their muffins,coffee and orange juice an attendant presented each of them with a bill for their breakfast.The WH has a budget for such contingencies.
    I recall reading of this many years ago and I am dead certain this isn't apocryphal. The thing most striking is the immense smallness of the man; this something that must require much effort.
    The affinity for tyrants- I think he hasn't the stomach for criminality himself, but gets off on it vicariously. A real piece of work,our Jimmy!

  2. Hitchens's piece is not as good as PJ O'Rourkes's on the same ghastly subject.


  3. I'd be happy to link to that, Corsair.

  4. Could this be the link you want?