Sunday, December 6, 2009

And another thing

The Copenhagen Climate Summit is going to be quite an event. Apart from all the other problems like people adding up the carbon footprints, green prostitutes, Al Gore's absence, President Obama's presence there will be one insoluble problem: the great divide between the rich countries of the West and the poor, developing countries of Africa, Asia and, now and for ever, South America.

Richard Tren and Franklin Cudjoe outline the problems and make it clear that the developing countries should not surrender to the hypocritical and oppressive pressures of the developed world.

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  1. Nor should we surrender to the sanctimonious 'Dave' Cameron, he who is avidly promoted by the Daily Telegraph.

    I have realised that the DT has to go along with AGW because Dave is a true believer. If the DT drops AGW, Cameron will be out on a limb, since he has made his 'hug-a-husky' such a feature of his Tory re-branding.

    I think the DT is right to see this, but wrong in backing what they know to be untrue just because Cameron is the Tory leader. Like Cameron's ditching of his 'cast iron' promise for a Lisbon referendum, it will backfire.