Thursday, December 17, 2009

Politicians are having a bad time everywhere

Glenn Reynolds writes on Instapundit that the Tea-Party Movement is considerably more popular in the United States than either the Republicans or the Democrats. He links to a piece on MSNBC First Post. Well, well, well. I wonder why that is.

Incidentally, I have just written a slightly critical note to Professor Reynolds about this posting on his blog:
BBC ASKS: “Should homosexuals face execution?” Not until that “creeping Sharia” creeps a good deal farther . . . .
Anyone who followed up the link would have worked out eventually that this was a discussion by the BBC Africa Service about a proposed piece of legislation in Uganda, a legitimate subject for that Service to discuss, whatever hyperventilating MPs think. The implication of both JammieWearing Fool's and Instapundit's posting is that this is to do with British legislation. I have left a note on JammieWearing Fool's blog as well. I am just a little tired of all this Brit-bashing, which tends to be as silly and ignorant as the America-bashing on this side of the Pond.

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