Friday, December 11, 2009

UKIP acquires another well known peer

If you put Lord Monckton UKIP into Google News, you get precious little (though there are stories of Lord M's speech being interrupted by organized Greenie Youth Gangs in Copenhagen). Well, there is a Polish story about the noble peer joining UKIP that quotes the leader of that party, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, who explains that, naturally enough, the new recruit is going to be spokesman on climate change.

Once you get to blogs, the story is different: there are quite a few that have already picked up the news. OK, to be fair one of the blogs is by George Moonbat Monbiot on the Guardian website and he is wondering whether Monckton will be an asset or a liability. The same one might ask about Moonbat Monbiot and the Guardian.

So the news is: Lord Monckton, former special adviser to Margaret Thatcher and leading global warming sceptic (as well as one world government nutter but nobody is perfect) has joined UKIP. The Conservatives may think they are well rid of him but one cannot help wondering whether this is the first of many ex-Conservatives attracted by the new leadership of UKIP.


  1. "one world nutter"?Can you not see what is being constructed around you,us ,everyone?

  2. If the Lords P&M can make the party 'net/'blog based they have a realistic chance of, if not a majority, then a significant faction in a coalition.

  3. The news of Monckton joining UKIP is on their website. It is a bit frightening that he is a one world government nut. I do not see why he is therefore anti-AGW. Surely AGW is a heaven (?) sent opportunity to push for world government?

    It is getting quite exciting seeing UKIP grow. I wonder if the boys (Dave and Ozzy) are quaking yet - they ought to be.