Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trouble with t'milblogs

It has always been one of my convictions that an important reason why neither the war in Iraq nor the war in Afghanistan has been particularly well known or popular in this country is the absence of milblogs and blogs by milfamilies. The MSM in America was intent on turning the two wars into another Vietnam, the war they won at the cost of millions of lives in South-East Asia and the collapse of America's pride and reputation. It was the milblogs and independently embedded bloggers and journalists like Michael Yon that prevented this. Couldn't happen in Britain where we relied on the stupidity of the MoD's public relations and media departments.

The milblogs are in trouble again and require public support. The story is quite complicated so the best thing I can do is to link to a couple of accounts, Confederate Yankee's and Michelle Malkin's. The comments on the latter are quite interesting, too.

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