Friday, October 8, 2010


Nobel Peace Prize goes to Chinese dissident and not to somebody who regularly disses the United States and the West. Wow! Man bites dog. Mind you, I am not sure what it has to do with peace though, I suppose, if China were a democracy of some kind, it would be less likely to be a threat to its neighbours and its own people. I still think it should have gone to the USMC but this is not too bad.


  1. Brave guy too if that article is correct, not many are willing to stick their heads over the parapet in the free West for fear of being called names or having their career effected (myself included), he puts us all to shame. It does make me wonder what's going on with the Nobel Prize committee though, have they undergone a coup recently, or undergone some sort of backbone replacement surgery?

  2. It is odd, isn't it. Perhaps, last year's roars of laughter actually penetrated their eardrums.