Thursday, October 7, 2010

Catching up - 1

Not only did I take time out from blogging, I also managed to return to the need for some sort of comment about the party formerly known as Conservative. But one cannot just go around having fun all the time.

In the meantime, Latvia had an election in which the Unity Party Alliance under the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis retained its leading position despite the fact that various austerity measures had been introduced.

The Baltic Review reports on the 5th that a coalition partner is needed and speculates
whether instead of working with a centre-right coalition as he has done so far he is considering a cooperation with the Harmony Centre party representing Latvia’s Russian-speaking minority
One wonders why that should be so, as the previous coalition seems to have been fairly successful and the Harmony Centre party is not precisely popular. I hope the Latvian Prime Minister is not about to take a leaf out of our own Boy-King's book.

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