Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I suppose I had better say something ...

... about the Andrew Marr fracas. On the whole, my attitude to Marr and his entire family that includes the guinea pig Mr Snuffles, in whose name he used to write columns (perhaps still does) has been complete indifference. He has erupted into all our lives by his intemperate and really rather stupid comments about bloggers. No doubt he thinks it is immensely courageous for a BBC hack to attack those who are on the outside as he sees it.

All sorts of bloggers have replied and commented on their blogs, on Facebook and other suchlike outlets and on the actual article. The Boss over on EUReferendum did so in his inimitable fashion and I did rather like Devil's Knife's, as he is known now, scurrilous attack.

As for me, I agree with Glenn Reynolds: a picture is worth a thousand words. I shall not insult my readers by reproducing it here.

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