Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One would think he had enough to worry about

President Sarkozy seems untroubled by the mess his country is descending into. Instead, he is hopping around with another idea. Well, actually, it is quite an old idea but, clearly, there are reasons why he wants to bring it to the fore again. In fact, what he is probably worried about is his popularity rating. Time to bring forward President Sarko the Great Statesma. (drum roll)

Der Spiegel reports that Le P'tit Nicolas' latest idea is "push for the creation of a European security council at his summit meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in France on Monday and Tuesday".

Other European countries and the United States are wary of this hyperactivity as well they might be. It will undermine NATO, which is what it is meant to do, worry the Americans (also meant to do), scare the East Europeans and do nothing at all for any real understanding between Russia and Western countries.
Sarkozy appears to want to seize on the outcome of a meeting between Merkel and Medvedev in Germany in July which called for the creation of a new foreign minister-level security forum between the EU and Russia. The French president is envisaging a "technical, human and security partnership" with Russia -- led by the French, of course, not by the Germans.
Chancellor Merkel may have something to say on the matter and Le P'tit Nicolas may not get what he really wants: higher popularity ratings in France.


  1. " a European security council"
    Involving the Russians ?!?!
    Are the Poles and the other ex-Soviet states really OK with this??
    I suppose we could always send EU troops to help out in Chechnya, y'know as a 'solidarity thing'.
    You're right, Sarkosy is lethal and he's convinced that the EU is the Greater French Empire.

  2. The French seem to disagree with Sarkozy's own view of himself.