Friday, March 4, 2011


All I can find about the full results of the Barnsley by-election is Martin Wainwright's twitter on the Guardian site and it says: "It's Lab, UKIP, Con, BNP, Ind, Lib Dem, and Eng Dem in that order". Is Ind the Monster Raving Loony Party?

BBC tells us that Labour has a majority of 11,821, a majority of over 60 per cent on a turn-out of around 36 per cent. UKIP definitely second.

Update from Martin Wainwright:
Lab 14,724, UKIP 2,953, Con 1,999, BNP 1,453, Independent (Tony Defoy local man) 1266, Lib Dem 1012, Eng Dem 544, Loonies 198, Ind 60
Not a good night for the Lib-Dims or the Tories. Heh!

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