Monday, March 7, 2011


Once again there is talk that multiculturalism has failed. The Boy-King of the Conservative Party who is now, for reasons I still find hard to understand, the Prime Minister of this country, has said so and lots of people became quite excited. In fact, people became almost as excited as they did in 2006 when Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly (there's glory for you, as Humpty Dumpty would say) launched a Commission to enquire into the problem of how and why it failed.

Many people knew it had failed back in 1984, long before the question of Islamist terrorism had reared its ugly head, when Ray Honeyford a Bradford headmaster dared to question the ideology in an article in The Salisbury Review (full disclosure: I am a regular contributor to the quarterly and have been for many years) and paid for his temerity with his career.

Nothing very much seems to be done about the matter, partly because our politicians do not seem to be all that concerned with educational problems, possibly because they know in their heart of hearts that the only solution is their removal from the field, and partly because there is no theoretical understanding as to what is actually wrong with it.

So, we possibly need a discussion on the subject that will take us beyond multi-culti is wrong because it produces terrorists, the apparent extent of political thinking.

My friend Jerome di Costanzo, journalist and conservative commentator whose interview with Nigel Farage was published on this blog, phrased his characteristically thoughtful objection like this:
Multiculturalism gets its legitimacy, not from Reason or "in the name of Freedom" but from arbitrary laws and media terror. So it could be morally right to fight it.
To which my reply was:
It is the exact opposite of freedom or reason or enlightenment as it denies individual rights and duties, preferring group rights (no duties). Morally it is not only right but essential to fight it.
Perhaps, readers of this blog can go beyond those two comments.


  1. How about " it is a do-gooder/ left wing crock of shit, a device to wrest the lives and livelyhoods from decent English people" other than it reaches far beyond England, it is an evil device used against us by an evil cult.

  2. Multi-culti makes most of us "last among equals".

  3. Precisely, multi culturalism is all about social justice: class/racial/global/eco justice directs the action of our post democratic ruling class (as well as corrupt pecunary self interest). They get it from their class struggle view of history, holding all freemen/lords/guildmasters to be collectively guilty of the oppression of all slaves/serfs/journeymen (and all the latter to be due redistributive recompense). If they see a fat man next to a thin one, they know the fat man is responsible for the thin one's condition.

    Their game will be up only when the those of Christendom actually bring themselves to read a biography of the Prophet in all its fascinating and well documented detail, when Europeans laugh or scorn their MSM propagandists who would have us subservient to the religious laws of the Orwellian 'religion of peace and tolerance'. For our leftist masters all religions are equally bad, but European religions especially so. They use our taxes and their control of the public broadcasting and educational systems to drill this message home

    The croney capitalism, eco nonsense and welfareism of euro socialists is the economic and cultural ruination of Europe.

    Europe needs to realise that what made it great was individual responsibility and individual freedom, and that society was, and could be again, be largely self organising without a giant incompetent clunking fist of welfare ism taxing the viability out of entrepreneurship.

    May I recommend any of Prof Raico's talks as an antidote to the infuriating PC dogma we get from the MSM:

    Raico revives a classical liberal theory: social history is a struggle between the parasitic state (& adherents) and the productive classes; this was widely held when Europeans developed the first industrialised culture. It describes reality better than the our masters Marxist version.