Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fair trade or free trade

As Fair Trade fortnight kicks off and we are subjected to yet more emotional blackmail advertising on the subject, Philip Booth sounds a useful warning in the Daily Telegraph. He does not dismiss Fair Trade completely but points out the many problems with it and the very limited effect it has on poverty, adding that only free trade will help producers in developing countries. Hear, hear.

Incidentally, when those "fair" prices are set, who decides whether they are fair?

1 comment:

  1. These tacky little ploys that are designed to relieve us of our cash and push it towards the 'right' people make me just a bit more determined to buy something else.

    Its the same with all these 'leftie' attempts to get me and others not to buy any Israeli goods. All that achieves, for me at least, is to get me searching for any Israeli produce, partly becasue most of what Israel produces is fairly priced, but mainly becasue it comes from the only Country worth trading with in the entire Middle East!