Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just shows what propaganda can achieve

It is now an accepted geopolitical theory that the West, particularly the United States, wages war on Muslims. How that squares with the opprobrium flung at the West, particularly the United States, for intervening after the European countries failed miserably in the war of Yugoslav disintegration, is anybody's guess. However, it would appear that some Kosovan Albanians know as little history as the western media does. How else can one explain the fact that the murder of two American soldiers in Frankfurt and the wounding of two others, was carried out by a Kosovan Albanian?


  1. Well the USA really poohd the bed there, they bombed the shit out of the gooder guys and helped the invading islamic hoards, the islamic nutters will never forgive the embryo USA for destroying their handy cash business of selling black slaves to the southern stated and carribian islands, yup dispatching the barbary pirates was the first and last straw!! Forgive the goofy spelling!

  2. Yes, the spelling is goofy. Not to mention that there is no such word as gooder. And if there were, it would not apply to Slobodan Milosevic's Serbia. Goofy all round, I's day. Forgive the frank response.

  3. "...they bombed the shit out of the gooder guys "

    The 'gooder guys'? You mean the very people who invented the modern usage of the term "Ethnic Cleansing?" By what logic was Slobodan Milosevic's Serbia 'the Gooder Guys'? Here, let me fix your comment for you...

    They bombed the shit...

    Leave it at that and you would be about right. I actually saw some of the air strikes on cetnic artillery positions in Bosnia (not Kosovo) *first hand* rather that on CNN and never was I happier to see my tax dollars at work... and I cheered again when when I saw it happen again on TV when it happened in the final act of the Yugoslav horror that ended, as it started, in Kosova.