Monday, June 13, 2011

For a secret organization ...

... the darn thing is far too open.

Hands up all those who mutter "Bilderbergers" whenever they like to produce a group of secretive, sinister individuals who meet regularly and plot to overtake the world, in which they have not been terribly successful as the world does not seem to be run according to anybody's ideas of what is right, not even, I imagine, those of a bunch of high-flying CEOs.

Some years ago a friend who was then an active member of the Conservative Party, bemoaned the fact that Prince Bernhardt did not have that first meeting in 1954 in the Palm Court Hotel or some version of Astoria. After all, who could find the Palm Courters or the Astorians sinister?

This year, too, the secret list of the secret attendees at the secret annual conference seems to be available. Indeed, there is a Wiki entry for those who have attended in the past. The meeting with some names is being reported in Bloomberg Business Week and in the Guardian among many others. On Friday InfoWars published the full list of official attendees but warned us in sinister whispers that some people might attend without putting their names down on the list. Phew! Thank goodness something remains secret.

I must admit that, as usual, the names of attendees are unsurprising - senior politicians and businessmen to a man and woman. I did wonder about the presence of everybody's favourite military man/human rights activist/media analyst Rory Stewart. Why him?

Will anything transpire from this meeting? Will the economic crisis be solved? Or will it, on the other hand, become worse? Will any governments be overthrown? Who knows? I can predict with certainty one thing, though: anything that happens will be blamed on the Bilderbergers. Or AGWM. Take your pick. As for me, I am watching the Knights Templar. Now, there is a secretive group that is poised to take over the world. Why they should want to do so, I have no idea but mark my words ....


  1. "... but mar my words ..."

    I am not sure what might mar your words but I do find that I invariably mark them.

  2. Glad to say that my stealth edit came before I saw your comment. But thank you, anyway. :)

  3. Seems odd for a secret cabal that they would supply bright red walking jackets for a jaunt out, but maybe it's just misdirection?

  4. Somebody didn't get the secret memo.