Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still no government

One year on Belgium still manages with a caretaker federal government. Not that it matters - there is the other government, also in Brussels.

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  1. This from Liberation
    'Si la crise ne bloque pas le pays, c’est aussi parce que la Belgique est un Etat fédéral qui compte six gouvernements et autant de parlements'

    The EU is probably perfectly happy with the Belgian non government as the regions seem to be getting on with things. Six governments and six paliaments seems a bit excessive for such a small country, but that's their business. This would seem to be the model the EU is working towards, where they do all the important stuff like invading Libya, and the regions do the town twinnings.

    I saw a report in the Sidney Morning Herald that the Icelanders were holding the prime minister to account for negligence during the financial crisis.
    This report does not seem to have got much coverage here. Perhaps the main stream media don't want this sort of thing to catch on.