Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sanity in sight?

As predicted, Geert Wilders has been acquitted of hate speech and discrimination (whatever that may mean). Lots of links but here is an American one that is relatively objective. Bloomberg mentions in the first paragraph that this farce has lasted for three years. Mr Wilders's comments "fell within the bounds of legitimate political debate", according to the judge. And so I should think. Ed West is absolutely right: the mere fact that this trial took place is a disgrace. One can only surmise that the Dutch legal system has nothing else to deal with.


  1. 'The boundaries of free speech in Europe widened ... '

    Can speech be free if it is delineated?

    The outcome of this disgraceful episode is not a widening of the boundaries of free speech; it is a loosening of the fetters, shackles and chains that constrain it.

  2. Free speech is always delineated. Quite apart from the famous calling "fire" in a crowded theatre, there is the question of genuine incitement to violence and one or two other issues. Clearly, putting someone on trial because somebody does not happen to like his political views is something different.