Thursday, June 16, 2011

Try to guess ...

... when this was said and about whom. A hint: it was spoken by an MP in the House of Commons during a debate on foreign policy. Guess the date and who X might be. Answers in a later posting.
They all wanted a better understanding with X, but how was it to be brought about? X's policy was based on the giving of assurances, and there was no case in the history of X with regard to assurances where they had not been broken when X was in a position to do so. He did not blame X; X's Ministers were very clever. But he blamed our FO for listening to their assurances, always knowing that they would be broken.
Approximate date and identity of X, please.


  1. X=Russia


  2. 1946, Hitler/Nazi Germany, presumably talking about Churchill?

  3. Napoleon? As a guess after the Treaty of Amiens, say 1802?