Friday, September 2, 2011

More news from Turkey

The developments in Turkey are extremely interesting. Definitely, a country worth watching as this blog tries to do, most recently in this posting. Today the Telegraph tells us that
The Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Friday that negotiations over the Alliance’s anti-missile shield had reached “their final stages.”

“It is anticipated that the early warning radar system allocated by the US for Nato will be deployed in our country,” said a statement.
During the Cold War Turkey was one of the crucial members of NATO both because of her geographic position and because of her determination to play an important part in the struggle. A number of senior British officers (mostly retired now) have spoken highly of Turkey's contribution in my hearing.

In the present situation Turkey is once again the lynchpin and it looks like the government is determined to make the most of that.


  1. Am wondering on how exactly this anti-missile shield is going to work? AFAIR, some parts of it are to be installed in Israel. Given current Turkey's rhetoric it is hard to see how the whole system is going to operate.

  2. Indeed. Turkey's game is either incredibly subtle or incredibly stupid. Can't quite make up my mind about that.