Monday, September 26, 2011

These people need our support

No sooner do we hear of a different Muslim group, one that attacks extremism and feels that 9/11 is a date to be remembered with sadness, than the inevitable happens: the site has been attacked by extremists or, at least, people who do not wish to have alternative points of view put forward. For some reason I cannot find another link to the story. This one will have to do for the time being. If anything else appears, I shall update the posting.

UPDATE: The site is now back. Here is the London Declaration for Global Peace and Resistance against Extremism 2011. Obviously, I cannot agree with the calls for more aid and more money handed out to "poor countries" or, to be precise, their governments. Naturally, I would like it made clearer which groups have been mostly responsible for terrorism in the last few years but, clearly, it might be dangerous for the authors to be too outspoken. We shall see how it all develops. If this turns into another campaign to prove that all liberal ideas were first promoted by the Prophet, this blog will go into heavy attack.

YET MORE UPDATE: I think I showed some confusion as to which site had been attacked. It was this one and it is definitely up again.

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