Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More trouble for the Baroness

Or is it more trouble from the Baroness? No sooner do we hear about extended criticisms of her abilities and achievements and of her inadequate responses than we find out that the lady is going back on her cast iron guarantee promise of a "budget-neutral" European diplomatic service.
Lady Ashton, the best paid female politician in the Western world, angered national governments with a poor performance as Europe's foreign minister.
Her demands for an extra £22 million in funding for this year fuels criticism as it breaches her promise to set up a "budget neutral" European diplomatic service.
In a new move that has infuriated Britain, which has made deep cuts to the foreign office, a report published yesterday, by Lady Ashton, has now completely ditched the pledge of funding her European External Action Service (EEAS) from existing EU budgets without making new spending demands.
Mind you, I am not sure what Mr Waterfield means by that ridiculous phrase "infuriated Britain". Which part of Britain? The FCO? I hardly think so, given their attitude to the project. The rest of the country? Don't suppose they even know about it. The Conservative Party? They are still bleating like blessed baa-lambs about their hero vetoing that treaty.


  1. Is it only obvious to me that if you put a lefty in charge of anything then you have a receipt for incompetence and failure?

  2. "the best paid female politician in the Western world" - does Waterfield know of a better paid politician elsewhere in the world?

  3. It depends on what you mean by "pay", Clarence.