Friday, January 27, 2012

Random discussions and utter rudeness

There are times I despair even of the House of Lords and that, in my opinion, is the only remaining part of the British constitution (oh yes, we do have one) that is even remotely functional. But this kind of random rambling and unutterable rudeness on the part of the despicable Lord Kinnock who, naturally, does not declare his interest of a very handsome EU pension, does make one thrown one's hands up in horror.

Admittedly, the subject is one HMG would rather not discuss, as the signs of a possible EU break-up in the next few years have been noted, as Lord Pearson of Rannoch says, by both Chancellor Merkel and Commission President Van Rompuy, and we need to be prepared for it, which, one suspects Whitehall is not. But what possessed other noble peers to come up with those comments and questions. (I don't mean the Welsh windbag. The only time I might be surprised by his behaviour is if it stays within the bounds of decency.)


  1. Yesterday I was pondering on the way that the House of Lords has been devalued in recent years and the remarks of Kinnock which you highlight just about confirm that the place has far too much scum to be taken seriously any longer.

  2. It's all we have left, Rod, and if the Boy-King has his way, it, too will disappear as a serious institution. Individuals do not matter all that much but when the whole institution is undermined, which is what Blair did to some extent and what Cameron intends to finish doing, then we are in trouble.