Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No s**t, Sherlock

I do apologize for that title but I did not know how to phrase it otherwise. The great Daniel Hannan is in despair: the veto, the wonderful veto, he wails, has been dropped. Well, I am shocked, I tell you, shocked. Actually, I really am. I am truly shocked by Mr Hannan's disingenuousness. Apparently, he has only just discovered the following:
So now we know: no repatriation, no renegotiation, business as usual. December's 'veto' turns out to be nothing of the kind; at best, it is a partial opt-out. Britain had asked for concessions in return for allowing the other member states to use EU institutions and structures for their fiscal compact. No such concessions were forthcoming, but we have given our permission anyway.
Oh my! Who could have foreseen this? Who knew this was happening? Well, actually quite a few of us but, it is true, that no Conservative politicians, barely anyone in the main-stream media and a large proportion of the population bothered to find out.

Now they know. Or sort of know. Because everything Mr Hannan complains about was there from that first Council where the phantom veto on the non-existent treaty was supposed to have happened and, what is more, Mr Hannan knows that. In a previous article he admitted as much.

Now he is back with his People's Pledge leading  light hat (which, pace the Boss of EUREf, he always was) and advocating an IN/OUT referendum since all other options (well, one  option, relying on the Boy-King) are closed. This piece is presumably tied to the East European Furniture Polish Organization launching the next stage of their campaign, which happened yesterday. That old chestnut, the unofficial referendums, which have no significance whatsoever and are ignored by the overwhelming majority of the electorate, is back. Yippee!!!

We  have just witnessed how easy it is to bamboozle the electorate, the media and the political classes with the likes of Mr Hannan being either the ones who bamboozle or the ones who are bamboozled; just what will happen if we have a real IN/OUT referendum? I suppose, Mr Hannan will get lots of air time.


  1. Even I, who left school with 2 'O' levels knew this (I now have 6 by the way with zero 'A' levels and certainly no degree or diploma of any kind). How come a supposedly very bright Hannan didn't know? Or did he just choose to pretend not to know that there was no veto in December because there was nothing to veto. What is wrong with MSM? Why are they not challenging anything Cameron does on europe? Are they very afraid that this will reveal too much to the bone idle electorate that Cameron is as much a eurosceptic as Heseltine or Clarke is? Hannan, along with every single British MEP and MPs in Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh and London should really read The Great Deception. They may actually find out something about how the EU works for a change.

  2. Ask yourself a very simple question, if Cameron was in charge of a private Company, would he not now be in jail ?

  3. Oh come on. Cameron in charge of a private Company? I cannot even imagine such a thing.

  4. Maybe hjs own newspaper stand?

  5. Doubt it, renminbi. That requires ability to count.