Friday, March 30, 2012

Press Association looks at things skew-whiff

To be honest, I am not that bothered by the Bradford West by-election though the results (including the turn-out) will be moderately interesting. However, I was slightly surprised by the story that Press Association put up this evening.
Polls have closed in the Bradford West by-election with eyes on how badly voters might punish the Tories after a fraught week for David Cameron and the Tory-led coalition Government.
Labour went into the day as overwhelming favourite to retain a seat that Marsha Singh - who has stood down due to ill-health - held with an increased majority of 5,763 when the party lost power in 2010.
But the contest was given extra spice by anti-war maverick George Galloway's bid to repeat his 2005 feat of snatching a seat from the party that expelled him.
Word is now that Galloway might have won in which case it is not the Tories were being punished. Even if he comes a close second to Labour, it will still not be the Tories who will be punished. Even if the Tory vote collapses, Galloway's votes will be taken from Labour.

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