Sunday, March 4, 2012

Well, that was worth it

A friend sent me these links as it is hard to find the story in the British media. From LiveLeak: a delightful little snippet of Libyan NTC Islamists destroying British and Commonwealth war graves in Benghazi. The lads seem to think this is quite a good way of passing their time. And just in case you are about to tell me that the story is dubious here is the statement by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:
It's now reported from Benghazi that two Commonwealth War Graves cemeteries have been damaged in attacks over the weekend - both the Benghazi War Cemetery and now the Benghazi British Military Cemetery. We are awaiting a detailed report but in both cemeteries, headstones were broken and disfigured. Both cemeteries will be restored to a standard befitting the sacrifice of those commemorated at Benghazi, but this could take some time because we will need to source replacement stones.
Mr Cameron, why exactly did we intervene in Libya? What are we getting out of the whole adventure? An ally?


  1. Could be disgruntled Gaddaffi supporters. However you are right the UK should not ever these days become involved in foreign wars. Except in the case of a direct threat, problem with that is it can be interpreted too loosely. If Iran closes the straights should we go to war over it? Appeasement never appears to work and the alternative is more often than not extremely bloody, destructive and horrifying.

  2. If you are properly armed,it should be be bloody, destructive and horrifying to the bad guys.

  3. Assuming we know who the bad guys are, renminbi. In the case of Libya we were never sure.

    Antisthenes, I don't entirely agree with you. There are times when we have to intervene and they will happen again. But, we need to know that it is in Britain's interests, whom we are supporting and for what reason, and what our endgame is. None of those applied to the Libyan adventure. Of course, there are other methods one can use apart from military intervention.