Monday, March 5, 2012

Worth following

The Campaign for Independent Britain (CIB), a cross-party campaign with an uncompromising withdrawalist position vis-a-vis the European Union (and its predecessors) has a useful website, which I can recommend people who are interested in some aspects of the problem. Information ought to be our strength and any website that spreads it needs to be supported and read widely.

I do note, in parenthesis, that all the campaign's officers are now male. Some developments have passed them by but one can't expect everything. (Once upon a time I was their Press Officer, as so often, the token female.)


  1. Marilyn Swain was until recently our Honorary Secretary retiring because of poor health.
    Nominations for election to CIB national committee, from which Officers are elected, were requested in January. Only one female candidate came forward

  2. Therese Muchewicz also retired from our national committee due to ill health and we're honoured to have Kathryn Wakeling as a committee member. Really, Helen, I'm surprised you made such a sexist remark!!
    Kind regards