Thursday, April 5, 2012

No, really?

The Boss got on to this story ahead of me (as ever). It would appear that there is a new Director at the East European Furniture Polish Society (a.k.a. The People's Pledge, whose site still lists Mark Seddon as Director as well as the usual three co-founders). He is Ian McKenzie,  the previous Communications Director (in this case the verb to communicate would have been used in its intransitive aspect as there was nothing to communicate), formerly an employee of John Prescott's, a confirmed Blairite and europhiliac.

How do we know? Well, there is this peculiarly stupid article by John Rentoul, himself a Blairite and rabid europhiliac with the usual amount of ignorance of what it is he is in favour of,  in the Independent. Not only does Mr Rentoul inform us of this momentous news, he regales the few readers who still bother reading the Indy with an account of his discussion with Mr McKenzie in which the latter explains that the referendum, which he does not want to call now in the middle of the euro-crisis, will undoubtedly go with those who want to stay in and will strengthen their case. As things stand the "anti-Europeans" (he means the pro-Europeans who dislike the European Union) have become far too voluble citing the general popular discontent with the situation. A referendum that gives a resounding (or even a marginal) IN result should silence them.

Mr Rentoul also announces the beginnings of a discussion that, as at least one commenter points out, has been going on for a while without the Independent and its hacks paying any attention to it. Still, it is good to know what the new Director of the East European Furniture Polish Society really thinks. By the way, since we are talking about People's Democracies, whatever happened to the previous Director?

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  1. You could have done me the courtesy of reading my stupid article before commenting on it. I am sceptical about the UK's membership of the EU, rather than a raving europhiliac.