Monday, October 8, 2012

All pupils must be equal ...

... even if it means no prizes for anybody. This story from Sweden is raising hackles, particularly at Falun where a school cook was told that she had to cut back on choices in vegetables and stop producing her own loaves of bread for two reasons.

Apparently, her meals that sound delicious, varied and very healthy somehow "comply with the directives of a local healthy diet scheme which was initiated in 2011". Or so says the municipality and who should know better than a bunch of bureaucrats with too much power and no knowledge of anything useful.

Secondly, and most importantly, the meals are too varied and too tasty (though, apparently, not too expensive). Other schools, says Katarina Lindberg, head of the unit responsible for the school diet scheme do not have such meals and the diet scheme was developed "to improve school meals overall and to try and ensure everyone does the same". Of course, the notion of other schools improving their standards is alien to the bureaucratic mind and the pupils in Anika Eriksson's school have to suffer as a result.

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