Wednesday, October 17, 2012

John Bolton on the EU

It is no secret that this blog would like to see John Bolton as Secretary of State in a Romney administration. Here is another reason why it would be a good idea: He thinks that the theory behind the European Union is simply wrong. Not that things have gone wrong for some unexplained and inexplicable reason but that it is wrong. That's the sort of Secretary of State we want. Read the whole piece. Well worth it.

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  1. Though I agree with a lot of what John Bolton says I don't find myself warming to him. Sure he's better than Hilary Clinton, by some distance, but that's not hard. He comes across to me as one of those Americans who wants to make the World in the image of America, and would have no problem in launching a drone strike against you if you disagreed with him. That might be unfair, but it's the way he looks to me.