Saturday, October 27, 2012

Physician heal thyself?

This is actually quite funny and both stories come from the ultra europhiliac (unashamedly so, unlike some other organizations I can think of) EU Business.

As people who have been following news from the EU know, the rather ridiculous plan to make a forty per cent quota for women on boards of listed companies mandatory has been shelved for the time being. (I shall be watching comments on this posting carefully and there may well be some banishments for utter stupidity. You have been warned.)

However, the amusing part of it is that the ECB has been hoist by the same petard.
European lawmakers snubbed the EU's leaders on Thursday when they voted down the leading candidate for a key European Central Bank post to protest a lack of women candidates for the job. Recognised on all sides as well qualified, Luxembourg Central Bank head Yves Mersch lost out after a series of sharp exchanges over the representation of women at the top level of European political and business institutions.
Forty per cent. gentlemen?

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