Thursday, October 4, 2012

Things are hotting up

On the other side of the Pond the Republicans are celebrating the outcome of the first Presidential debate that left Obama (minus TOTUS) in tatters even according to his warmest supporters in the media (i.e. most of the media). There are far too many links to put up as the opinion seems to be unanimous.

The rest of the world, meanwhile, is ... well, not exactly celebrating the fact that four years of Obama's presidency have not produced a better and more peaceful or free situation. A war between Syria and Turkey is looming. Make that was looming and is now almost in full flow.


  1. I watched the debate. Romney was on top of it, but Obama was far from "in tatters", IMO.
    There is still everything to play for.
    Being in a swing state, I have to put up with a Tusanmi of TV advertising, $400M spent so far on TV advertising alone. Whilst some have voted already, Nov 6th is still a long way off.

  2. President Obama seemed to not have a grasp of the situation at all. He did not look presidential. I can see November 6th from here.

  3. Not counting chickens but there is plenty of hope and was even before the debate. As I understand it, the Obama campaign was running largely on inevitability. We got some of it here, as well. You must be mad if you think Romney stands even a chance. That sort of thing.