Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas greetings

Traditionally this is the time when I remind everyone about the nauseating qualities of Tiny Tim and the ridiculousness of that book's plot. Just why doesn't Bob Cratchitt get another job or stop having children, preferably both? And as for that other staple of Christmas fare, It's a Wonderful Life, errm, is one allowed to mutter sub-prime mortgages.

Ah well, enough is enough. Let us forget all these annoying aspects of Christmas and think about the more cheerful ones: good food, good wine, with a bit of luck good company and pleasant thoughts.

Merry Christmas to all the blog's readers and see you all after the festivities.


  1. I'm sure that followers of Ann Rand would be horrified by the idea of charity being treated as a virtue but that isn't an idea shared with most libertarians, let alone conservatives. Personally I like the idea that civil society is capable of creating institutions that fix problems without the involvement of the state or the compulsory funding via taxation.

    The odd thing is that most progressives at heart, utterly abhore charity. The idea of depending upon voluntary action and of the perpectual need to reseek consent, cuts progressives to the core. Instead they are wed to the idea of the state and compulsory action being the only way to solve problems.

    Dickens doesn't ask the state to intervene. Instead he pointedly describes Scrooge, the employer, as the founder of Cratchitt's feast. That doesn't sound like a progressive to me. He doesn't ask the state to intervene, rather he appeals to Scrooge to be a gentleman.

    By all means dislike the sentimental aspects but don't give Dickens to the progressives

  2. I do not celebrate Christmas; it is pagan and commercial. I would like to see a Tree burning organized at a local church. Until then, Christmas is on Sunday. As for the cliches of feeding & clothing the less fortunate; that is an on-going concern.

    Happy Holidays