Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What a great way of spending money

As the Sunday Times is behind a pay wall, I cannot link directly to an article by Bocan Pancevski's article this Sunday on the amount of money the EU is spending in a PR exercise in Croatia, hoping that the referendum on membership will go their way. Though why it should be their way seems mysterious: Croatia is poor and its economy is not terribly active while its political system is dysfunctional.

However, the author is a Senior Fellow in the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy and placed part of the article on its website.
The European Commission is planning to spend £16m on a public relations campaign to promote European enlargement ahead of the entry next year of Croatia, a country with such serious economic problems that it could be forced to seek a bailout.
Croatia’s credit rating was downgraded to junk status last week after a deterioration in its economy attributed to a lack of reforms.
This prompted fears that the Balkan country might require a bailout even before it joins the EU next July. Youth unemployment is about 40% and foreign investment is deterred by rampant corruption, organised crime and weak rule of law.
What better way there is of spending our money?


  1. Doesn't it's economic status now make it ineligible to join the EU?