Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HMG's Balance of Competences Review

It seems that HMG in the guise of William Hague is taking the notion of producing a review of the balance of competences seriously enough. On October 23 Mr Hague produced a written statement in which he outlined the timetable and the ministries responsible for which section.
The review will complete its work during 2014 and will look at the scope of the EU’s competences (the power to act in particular areas conferred on it by the EU Treaties) as they affect the UK, how they are used, and what that means for Britain and our national interests.
The review will be divided into four semesters, each containing six to 10 reports. This will allow reports on related topics to be grouped together. The reports from each semester will be published at the end of that semester. If necessary, changes to this timetable will be made in order to take account of any events which could impact upon the timing of a report.
The first semester's review will be on the following: an overview on the single market; taxation; animal health and welfare and food safety; health; development; and foreign policy. The first reports are due in the summer of 2013.

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  1. If this a fair and impartial review that reports everything warts and all I believe we will be aghast at how damaging to UK interests are being a member of the EU. However I suspect it will not be fair and impartial and will be heavily doctored in favour of continued EU membership.