Friday, May 8, 2015

A brief comment

I shall be writing a longer blog about the election results later on and have many things to say. Well, you would not expect me to keep quiet.

First, however, I shall gloat: who predicted that the Conservatives will win a small overall majority and UKIP will end up with just one seat? And who gets no money for her analyses and predictions? Going on from there, allow me to ask how many of those highly paid analysts and experts who got everything wrong will do the decent thing and resign? Ha! The answer is a nice round number.

On that and much more (for instance what do we do about Scotland now and whither UKIP) later on, after I have done a stint on the BBC Russian Service.

In the meantime, let us rejoice in the discomfiture of many of our enemies, particularly the highly paid analysts and experts. I suspect I shall be reminding them of the drivel they wrote in the last few weeks for some time to come.

Oh and I shall be arguing that UKIP is a classic example of a Continental party. Heh!

Well, nobody has ever said that I was a nice person or particularly ladylike.

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