Thursday, May 7, 2015

Well, we've made it

[I wrote the following paragraphs at 4.27 this afternoon, then abandoned it for other activity, which included watching the 1948 film Cry of the City at the National Film Theatre. I have only just sat down in front of the computer and decided to post this as a kind of a prediction before I look at the news.]

We've made it to election day at least though there is plenty of time left for pundits to pour out silliness by the bucket-load. That will continue throughout this evening and I am not at all sure I shall bother to stay up late. It will have to be very late as we are unlikely to have any clear ideas about the future for some time. This is not 1997.

For what it's worth I think we shall have a Conservative government with a tiny majority or in a minority. Whether that will mean another coalition with the Lib-Dims remains to be seen. Furthermore, I  do not think UKIP will do well. This is being acknowledged by all and sundry but the likelihood of them peaking long before election day was fairly clear to me for some time.

OK, OK, tomorrow I might have to eat crow but not, I suspect, about UKIP.

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