Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meanwhile back in UKIP

While I am struggling with that long post-election blog and David Cameron is forming his new government (with strange stories about some of his Ministers being in favour of capital punishment or against gay marriage, neither issue being on the agenda) we have news of the UKIP deciding not to take this chance of becoming a serious party after all. Instead, they are now a joke or a cult, depending on one's point of view. I imagine all my readers know what I am referring to: the strange unresignation by Nigel Farage.

As it happens, I never thought that our Nige would really go. It seemed to me that he would tender his resignation and then his loving people would bring him back amid much cheering and popping of corks. But even I thought the process would take more than three days. The cheering of the loving people who seem unable to realize that this is making party a laughing stock is deafening as any site that has comments by UKIPers will demonstrate.

This article on Breitbart, usually a fairly reliable UKIP supporting site, shows the whole process of the Farage political resurrection in a somewhat doubtful light. It is worth reading some of the hysterically adoring comments from what one must assume are average UKIPers. In case anyone is worried, the story has been denied by the UKIP NEC. They were not disunited, did not disagree and were as one in their support of the Dear Leader. Long Live Chairman Farage. (Standing ovation, prolonged applause lasts half an hour.)

I fear for Andre Walker's future.

And, as it happens, for Douglas Carswell's: if the Spectator is right he has some serious thinking to do about it and that may not be to UKIP's benefit.

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