Friday, June 24, 2016

Well I was wrong ....

... but for once I am very pleased and feel that many years of work have not been wasted. Brexit has been voted for by just over 51% of the electorate with a nearly 72% turn-out. Some anomalies, of course. London voted to Remain, as did Northern Ireland and Scotland. All that will have to be sorted out though I am quite happy to start campaigning for independence for London. No, not to rejoin the EU but to begin the formation of the Anglosphere.

I shall be spending most of today broadcasting to Russia about the result on various channels so will not have time to blog again till much later or tomorrow morning. I see my job now as a continuation of the past: providing information and analysis as we move towards and into negotiations.

Yesterday I was thinking about my first meeting with Alan Sked in 1991 at the house of Eva Taylor, widow of A. J. P. Taylor, our common supervisor and what came out of that. What a long way we have come. I claim some credit.


  1. Congratulations and thank-you for the work you have put in over such a long period of time. Quite surprised by the outcome and very happy. Richard North and yourself deserve a lot of credit for providing the intellectual case for independence.

    1. I concur with AKM. I have been reading this blog and Richard's for a long time. I like the term "Anglosphere".

  2. Helen, why not treat yourself and have a quite Saturday night watching that classic film 'Pride and the Passport' staring Kim Novak, Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra