Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can this really be true?

This comes under that hackneyed headingof "you couldn't make it up". Following up Roger Simon's somewhat belated blog on the subject I found this article in the Daily Mail.

It seems that the Boy-King turned to President Obama's former aide, Anita Dunn, her who named Chairman Mao, possibly the world's biggest mass murderer as well as a degenerate crook, as one of her favourite political philosophers, in order to spruce up his act and his image. As President Obama's support has been plummeting and the outcome of his various political decisions has been disastrous for all concerned, this proves that the Boy-King and his party are not in the slightest interested in what they will do after they win the election next week (if they do). All they are interested is getting there.

However, looking at the date of the article we see that this momentous decision was taken before the first debate. So we all know how successful Ms Dunn has been in making the Boy-King popular. Perhaps, his image is beyond her help.


  1. ...Obama's former aide, Anita Dunn, her who named Chairman Mao...

    I don't want to seem picky, but shouldn't that be ...she who named...

  2. That idiot's other hero is Gandhi. That is quite a combination and shows what lightweights our pinkos are. It damages my patriotism. On behalf of all of us Yankee Doodles, I apologize.

  3. An academician friend of mine says that today's leftists are too stpid to be Marxists.Marx had ideas;these people have emotions and empty heads. Gandhi and Mao? pitiful

  4. Die Dave, Die.