Sunday, April 25, 2010


South Park, not a TV programme I am very familiar with but then there are precious few that I can be said to be familiar with, has been censored. "Comedy Central altered a controversial episode of "South Park" that featured the Prophet Muhammad out of security concerns for the show's creators." It seems that as soon as a website, any website, that alleges its spokesmanship for some unnamed Islamist jihadists puts up a threat, the media and the entertainment industry, which usually prides itself on being cutting-edge and controversial just rolls over.

Needless to say the best comment is provided by Chris Muir on Day by Day. Enjoy.

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  1. Four years ago, the Scientologists tried to censor the repeat of an episode which satirised their "religion". The channel let the cartoon's creators take out an ad on the back page of Variety that said:

    (One of the cartoon's two co-creators is Jewish.)

    Sometimes the 1st amendment holds, sometimes not so much.