Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yes, I missed it again

For all the good these Leaders' Debates will do we could have had the election today (it being Thursday). What exactly are we going to hear from any party, big or small, that might influence anybody?

I did not bother to watch the second Leaders' Debate. The fact that they were discussing the EU under the heading of foreign affairs makes it quite clear that neither the Leaders nor the media has the faintest idea what the situation is. We do not have a relationship with the EU any more than Devon has a relationship with the United Kingdom. We are part of the EU and its government is our government. Any discussion that does not start from that point is a waste of time.

It is probably a good thing that I did not watch it. After all, I might have died laughing when the Boy-King, the only eurosceptic of the three, according to various commentators, came up with that old chestnut of the Conservatives "wanting to be in Europe but not ruled by Europe". So neither he nor his party have learnt anything and have forgotten the little they ever knew. They do not deserve to win. The trouble is, neither do the other two.


  1. What is happening? Where is UKIP? I know the boss at EuRef is rooting for ABC, but I think he either has to add another C or change what the C stands for.
    Feels like Britain in 1974 - I was there! Remember it was five looong years between then and 1979.


  2. UKIP should have been invited to this debate, as should the rest of the nationwide smaller parties. The result was a televised debate that was dire, a stage-managed celebrity event with all falling over themselves to say the same thing.

    UKIP candidates are doing their best in constituency debates up and down the country to put forward true conservative principles and perspectives, but as usual the mainstream media offer little balanced coverage.

    Gerald Warner, as usual, was on the ball:

  3. UKIP was invited to comment but the invitation was then withdrawn. There is, to my certain knowledge, a correspondence going on between the Leader of UKIP and James Murdoch but I have no idea what the outcome will be.

    Mikgen, this gap may well be longer than the 1974 - 79 one. I, too, was there.