Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Them are strong words

Not to mention dishonest ones. The Boy-King seems to have waxed indignant over the fact that the people of Britain have been denied their chance to vote on the Constitutional Lisbon Treaty. Well, Mr Cameron (or Dave, given our amazing new friendship), there is a way of rectifying the situation. It is not unreasonable for an incoming putative Conservative government to call a referendum on that, precisely on the grounds that the people of Britain were not consulted on the subject. In addition, if you announce another cast-iron guarantee (though may I suggest you phrase it somewhat differently) your popularity might rocket instead of staying stagnant.

Apparently, that cast-iron guarantee is not being renewed and the Boy-King is happy to state the fact that the people of Britain have been cheated without offering to do anything to remedy the situation. What he is offering instead is that old chestnut, a referendum if there are any attempts to transfer major powers to Brussels (assuming he can find some more major powers that have not yet been transferred).

This blog has already expressed its opinion of that, giving reasons why that is as fraudulent a promise as the cast-iron guarantee had been.


  1. Helen,

    You're just not getting it I'm afraid. I know because this article in Straight Statistics tells me that:-

    At UKIP’s manifesto launch this morning Nigel Farage, the former Party leader and Parliamentary candidate for Buckingham, claimed twice that, “75 per cent of our laws are now made in Brussels”.

    Such a figure, were it accurate, might seem alarming. Fortunately, there’s good evidence that the 75 per cent figure is not only inaccurate but also quite misleading.

    Get put straight here:-

    Actually I think this is a lot of twaddle, and it is highly misleading to talk of percentages of law, when what is really important is that whole areas of law making, occupied and reserved fields, have been handed over. I'm preaching to the converted here I know, but be aware there are those out there seeking to muddy the waters.

  2. Yes, indeed, I know Iain. I have had many an argument about these matters myself. I tend to point out such details as secondary as well as primary legislation and the fact that EU Regulations are directly applicable.