Friday, April 9, 2010

Suddenly Nigel Farage's chances have improved

The campaign in Buckingham will start in real earnest on Tuesday, April 13 with Christopher Booker and Lord Pearson of Rannoch helping to launch it. Well, that may or may not help Nigel Farage. My own suspicion that the joint personality of Mr and Mrs Bercow will be far more helpful than anything UKIP might come up with.

However, this cannot possibly do any harm: Martin Bell, the self-important hack and electoral loser (also here), has announced his support for another independent candidate, the former Conservative europhiliac John Stevens. The sight of that has-been in his crumpled white suit (surely there must be several or it would by now have become extremely filthy) telling the good people of Buckingham that the Conservatives are not europhiliac enough will send them into the polling booths detemined to put that cross against Nigel Farage's name.

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